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The process of carpet serging is a whipped-stitch, yarn-over look that is most frequently seen on Oriental Rugs.  Carpet serging is used on heavier carpets that are too large to feed through a traditional carpet binder, such as Berber and Loop Pile carpets.  Carpet serging can add a touch of class to the finishing of your carpet.  Check out our photos to help you understand what your Rug or Carpet could look like with the serging process we offer!

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What is Serging Service in NJ?

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Carpet Serging Service NJ Photos!

Carpet Serging Service In New Jersey is rare to come by.  Therefore, we are happy to help you create beautiful rugs for your home, office, ballroom, dorm rooms etc..  Please enjoy looking at the photos below.  We hope you can understand what carpet serging looks like when it’s stitched on by looking at some photos we provided you!

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